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Digital Photography UnleashedPet Photography

Pet photography produces some of the most-treasured photos you will ever take. Using these techniques will assist you in capturing those treasures.
Pet Photography – Tips For Taking Your Pet’s Photo

Guide to 3D Technology
Creality 3D Printer

Say goodbye to complicated 3D printers that are impossible to use and say hello to your new favorite piece of equipment.
Creality 3D Printer CR-10S Blue New Version with Dual Z Axis

Game Programming WorkshopPathfinding Algorithms

A pathfinding algorithm is a way for a game to calculate the shortest possible path to reach a particular point on the map. Here are some of the most commonly used pathfinding algorithms, and a look at how A* works.
How Pathfinding AI works in Video Games

PC Data Security

Data Loss

Your laptop got fried and you’ve lost all your files! What do you do now, and importantly, how do you to prevent it from happening again?
Oh No! You Forgot to Backup Your Files

WordPress on Windows

Wordpress Apps
Automattic recently released an app for OS X. Within two weeks of releasing this app, Automattic went on to release the Windows version as well.
WordPress Desktop App Is Now Available for Windows

VoIP Telephony BlogSlack

Slack is a platform that helps large teams collaborate and work on projects together in a seamless fashion. At two years old, they are looking for a bigger piece of the pie.
Slack is Looking to Venture into VoIP Telephony Services

Hybrid Cars InformationFord's Model E

Tesla wanted to call its new Model 3 the Model E. Model E however, is a name that Ford trademarked in 2013. When Ford heard what Tesla was about to do, they blocked the move.
Ford’s Decision To Not Allow Tesla Use the Ford Name

140 Twitter Street140 Characters

Good news! Twitter is changing it’s 140 character limit in its struggle to retain its base of 310 million users.
Twitter Modifies It’s 140 Character Rule


Go Thermal PrinterTessemae Printing

Better printing and greater savings are definitely the key features of thermal printers.
Thermal Ink-jet Coders Help Company Save 60%

TI Graphing Calculator ReviewsTI Graphing Calculator

The TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition graphing calculator by Texas Instruments is a robust & sophisticated calculator-easily the best option for students who need excellent functions in vibrant, clarifying color.
The TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Graphing Calculator

Cloud Computing FundamentalsMicrosoft Datacenter

That’s a strange question, isn’t it? We are talking about possibility of the day when Data Centers will operate underwater.
Can Cloud Computing Services Breathe Underwater?


Rose Giraffe GraphicsGraphic Designer

Choosing the right colors can make the difference between a design that’s pleasing to the eye and one that is almost physically painful to look at.
Choose Perfect Color Schemes Using Color Theory

PC Home Security

Criminal Access to Home
With today’s smart technology comes “smart” criminals that use that technology to their own advantage. Keeping your home secure may very well begin away from home.
Don’t Give Criminals Access to Your Home

Large Format Inkjet PrintersUJV55-320 Printer

This April, Mimaki USA announced the latest addition to its printer lineup – the UJV55-320 super-wide format UV-LED printer. The new printer is simply brilliant.
Mimaki Announces A New Super Wide Format UV-LED

Guide to High Definition TVUltra HD Premium Badge

The latest, and touted as the best ever, range of televisions one can now own is the Ultra HD premium.
The Story of Ultra HD Premium and Why It’s the Real Deal

Android App Development for DummiesAndroid Studio 2

The Android Studio 2.0 is a long awaited upgrade, which promises plenty of speed and newly added productivity features.
Android Studio 2.0 Makes It Easier For App Developers

PC InfoGuard

Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman
Here are three important things that every computer owner should do to mitigate the negative effects of a possible future theft of their computer.
My Laptop Was Stolen But My Data Is Safe

WMAIV SoftwareBranding

Your brand name must ride well with the target market. The consumer must relate this name to reliability and it must align with their values.
Your Brand Name – The Key to Your Internet Marketing Strategy

CISSP CertificationWhite Hat Hacker

The world needs experts in the computer security field and there is no better time to get into this field, especially if you are genuinely interested.
Careers in Ethical Hacking Are Shining Bright and Here’s Why

ITIL Certification GuideHealthcare Records

ITIL change management is pivotal to ensuring and maintaining security for IT applications and infrastructure. Take, for example, the health care industry.
The Role of ITIL in Improving Computer Security

Computer Science StarDoctor

IBM hopes to eventually be able to identify the root cause of cancer by using cutting edge computer technology.
IBM to Use Computer Science to Fight Cancer